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The most popular dating apps of 2020

Top 7 apps for meeting new people!

If you’ve ever been new to a city, then you’re aware of how daunting it can often be to make new friends or meet people. Combine that with the cultural differences; you’re definitely in for a challenge. It can be hard to break into social circles and start to develop a peer group.

However, the onset of the internet on mobile phones has made this process relatively easier for the majority of the population, much of that growth thanks to the skyrocketing popularity of dating apps, which are most commonly downloaded on Google Play and the Apple App Store.

In this segment, we’ll be going over the top 7 apps that you can use on your smartphone and meet new people!

Escort Babylon

Starting off this list, we have escort babylon. This is a dating site that is geared towards making new people a safer environment for women. The main catch here is that only women can initiate conversations with other users. 

This drastically reduces the chances of creepy men sending unsolicited lewd messages. Generally speaking, the bulk of the pressure is on the woman here since they are responsible for initiating conversations.


Arguably the holy grail of online hookups, Tinder is arguably the simplest way you can go about meeting new people. The interface is pretty standard and presents you with people in the vicinity. A mutual right swipe will give you a match, and then either the user can initiate the conversation.


If you’re looking for something extra and want to go the extra mile, then OkCupid might be the right app for you. Presenting users with a variety of sexual preferences, this is arguably the best app to use if you’re looking for a hookup.

The personality quiz will also make sure that the compatible people are shown to you. Another great feature is the anonymous profile view, which enables you to check users out without them actually finding out.


Doublelist is oriented towards double dates. The general idea is to make the process of meeting new people safer for all types of people out there! However, this can be a little tricky to manage since not everyone is cool with the concept of double dates, especially if both the people end up liking the same person!

W4M Maps

This is the best app for meeting people within close proximity to you, and with some style too as you can browse interactive maps and get a visual of your area and who is around you there. All in all we’ve found it to be a simple to use app and one which we would highly recommend.


Happn is the best app to work with if you’re looking for single individuals in the immediate vicinity. Basically, every individual who has the app-enabled in a 250m radius will show up on your profile. Likewise, it will also indicate how many times you’ve come across an individual in a public setting.

Plenty of Fish

Similar to Tinder in about all respects, Plenty of Fish is a simple-to-use dating app that you can use to come across people similar to you. You can choose the preferences and then work with all the matches that you get. However, the process might take a little more time than anticipated!