October 26, 2019 by ebpadmin in Ramblings

Enjoying online relationships

There are plenty of success stories when it comes to online dating. There are people who’ve met their significant others online and talk about a happily ever after. How can a skeptical version of yourself come to accept that you too can share the same fate? Here are a couple of tips proven to make an online relationship work. Sure, it is a bit harder than regular dating, but when done right, it is equally worth it. So that being said lets take a look at some of our expert tips at how to get the most of out of your relationship whether it is online or face to face.

Communication is everything

With online dating, you cannot afford not to make communication a top priority. In regular relationships, it’s just as important, but with online dating, the dynamics are different. The very thing that will keep your relationship together is communication. Therefore, find something that works for both of you, especially if there is a time zone factor. Find something that works and remain faithful to the rhythm that you set. If you cannot make a call, let your partner know in advance and reschedule that way they know you’re still interested.

Don’t get distracted

When you’re having time together, albeit via technology, don’t get distracted. Do as you would on a regular date. Turn off your phone if you’re using your laptop and turn off notification. Don’t be looking at girls on backpage while on your date! Your online relationship equally deserves undistracted time if it’s to last. You want the other person to know they are indeed a priority by keeping a singular focus on them during a call.

Cultivate trust

You cannot maintain an online relationship without trust. That means you’ll both have to commit to remaining faithful to one another. Have honest conversations about your needs and come to an agreement about them. If it means flying or driving back and forth, ensure that you create a system
where you can have your needs met. Additionally, trust goes beyond the physical. The other person ought to know you’re not flirting with anyone else. You want your love to be real, so you’ll have to remain faithful to the person.

Talk about your future together

Having conversations about what you want to do together gives you both hope that there is more to your relationship. One right place to start is when you’ll meet if you have a long-distance relationship. Equally, talk about where your relationship is going. Are you looking for work in the same city? Are you talking about having children? Talking about your future adds legitimacy to your relationship. Be cautious. So far, we’ve highlighted how to get by with an online relationship. However, we cannot neglect the wrong side of things. The reality is scammers and catfishers exist. That means on your end you ought to look out for the red flags. The first red flag is being with someone who doesn’t want to meet you in person. It is likely they also won’t want to send pictures or video call and will give excuses for why they cannot do it. If you come across such characters, no matter what feelings you’ve developed for them walk away. That is especially when they start asking for money.

So take care of yourself out there and enjoy yourself!