November 14, 2019 by ebpadmin in Ramblings

How to create a great online dating profile to attract women

The first impression is your last impression. Just as this old saying goes for when meeting new people, this sentiment is also highly applicable when it comes to virtual meetups and online interactions.

Hence, it won’t do you any good if your online profile is ordinary or doesn’t have anything unique to it. If you’re looking for that X factor that makes you stand out, there are a few pointers we can throw your way. 

By implementing the tips mentioned below, we can promise you that proper execution will increase your overall chances of getting matches with fellow users! 

Always use quality photographs

The first differential that you can present yourself with is leading by a quality photograph. When choosing the right photo, you have to walk a very thin line. Generally speaking, selfies are a good way to go about it, but the angle and lighting might make this a risky endeavor.

If feasible, we would highly recommend that you get a professional photograph taken and then use that as your main profile picture.

An attractive bio

The biggest blunder that so many people make is that they choose to be basic when it comes to writing their own bio. When choosing a bio for yourself, make sure it’s something that sets you apart from other people. 

Likewise, if you can add something creative and interesting in your bio, then the odds will definitely be in your favor. If you have the gift of humor, you can even integrate punch-lines or puns into your opener sentence that leads from your bio! 

Profanity is overrated 

Picking up from the last point, the worst thing that you can do for your online profile bio is using profanity. Avoid using profane words like the black plague. No one finds them classy, and we’re certain that a good majority of people would find it off-putting, and then choose to swipe left instead.

Likewise, in the upcoming conversations, never lead with a swear word or anything that you won’t consider screaming out in public. 

Don’t be generic 

Arguably the most underrated feature out there, it is so important that you should realize the meaning of the word generic. Basically, anything that might make your profile boring or come off as redundant can be classified as generic. 

Some dating sites give the option to add preference and hobbies. If presented with the opportunity, add in things that you’re genuinely interested in and can carry a conversation with. Don’t eyeball the options available, and never try to mention things that aren’t true because they most certainly will backfire.

Never hesitate to initiate a conversation 

A good proportion of matches are left unattended because both parties are too shy to lead the conversation. If you get a match, don’t be shy to lead with an opener. Doing so would also subtly imply that you are confident and aren’t afraid of leading a conversation. This psychological hint can often come off as attractive as well for some people.