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A Woman’s guide to flirting

A woman’s guide to flirting

Not every woman has the ability to flirt. If you’ve attempted it and you ended up being asked if there’s something in your eye, you’re in good company. A lot fewer women than you think know how to flirt with a man, especially if you’ve met on backpage and are meeting for a date. Here are tips to get your flirting game on point.

Eye contact

This is flirting 101 right here. The first step to flirting is eye contact. It doesn’t matter if he’s across the library or the bar or seated right next to you. What making eye contact shows is that you’re interested. It doesn’t, however, mean that you get into a staring contest. Look at him, let your glance linger for a few seconds and then look away. But that’s now all.


You don’t want to look like the librarian who caught a student talking. Right before you look away, give a sweet smile, showing a bit of tooth. Smile for a bit longer after you’ve broken your eye contact before returning to your default face. If you have a pissed off resting face, you want to actively raise the corners of your mouth into a tiny smile. You want him to know you liked what you saw.

Engage your funny bone

Say he makes his way to you, or you’ve just made your boyfriend’s interest ignite. The other recipe of flirting apart from smiling is laughing. Laughter has to be purposeful; otherwise, he might start looking around for laughing gas. Overall, you have to be witty. Men like women who make them laugh. Let humor flow naturally. Otherwise, you might come off as aggressive or weird. If you’re rusty, have a trusted friend help you practice.


In a world where phones are dominant, you’ll have to be purposeful about being a good listener. Put your phone on silent because you don’t want the pings to distract the both of you. Pay attention to what he’s saying, using prompts such as questions and summary to let him know you’re listening truly. Men love it when you pay attention to them. Remember to listen to understand, not respond.

Subtle touches

With a touch, you have to be careful so that you don’t send the wrong message. Contact can either mean “that was funny, please continue” or “can we go back to your place after this?” You don’t want to come off too strong with your touch. Stick to slight touches when he says something to make you laugh. You can also use it as part of your listening skills; he could say his pet died, and a light touch on his arm would show sympathy.

Give compliments

While listening to him, you’ll have picked up more about him than just his looks. You can mention he’s handsome once, but you have to move away from only his physical features. Talk about how something looks good on him. What about his wit? You want to give compliments from when you start talking to the time you leave. You don’t want to be too eager about it. Just be natural and stick to the most appropriate ones.

Wrap up

Flirting takes practice, but most of all, confidence has to be the driver. Also, make sure you’re actually interested in the person to avoid a painfully dull experience.